10 Surprising Facts About Toy Story Film Series

The computer-animated buddy comedy American movie “Toy Story” created by Animation Studio Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures released in 1995. The idea of toys springing to life was exhilarating, amusing, and above all, exciting.

Toy Story Film Series
10 Surprising Facts About Toy Story Film Series

The Plot Summary

Toy Story is regarding the “mystery life of toys” when folks aren’t in the vicinity. At the point when Buzz Lightyear, a space-officer, has Woody’s spot as Andy’s beloved toy, Woody doesn’t care for the circumstance and gets into a battle with Buzz. Unintentionally Buzz drops out the window and Woody like a bobblehead doll is blamed by the various toys for having exterminated him. He needs to leave the house to search for him with the goal that the two of them can come back to Andy’s room. On the other hand, while outwardly they get into all sorts of difficulty while attempting to return home.

Toy Story Film Series Releases

Toy Story has brought forth three sequels as under:

  •         Toy Story 2 (1999)

The sequel centers around Buzz directing Andy’s toys on an undertaking to salvage Woody after he is taken by a ravenous toy collector.

  •         Toy Story 3 (2010)

Focuses on Andy’s mom incidentally offering the toys to a day-care center when Andy, presently an adolescent, is getting ready to head off to college. Once they arrive, they should rush home prior to Andy leaves.

  •         Toy Story 4 (2019)

This part relates to Woody rejoining with Bo Peep and was parted with by Andy’s mammy ages ago, whereas likewise grappling with his own contrary purpose as a toy.

Surprising Facts About Toy Story Film Series

Here are 10 astounding things you most likely didn’t think about “Toy Story”, for example,

Buzz Lightyear is named in honor of a renowned astronaut

The animated space officer is named in honor of Buzz Aldrin, amongst the principal men to stroll on the planet moon. Aldrin in 2008 even offered toy Buzz space travel guidance.

“Toy Story” is added in the Guinness Book of World Records         

The animated movie broke a record for being the primary full-length computer-animated film at any point made.

Pixar’s “Tin Toy” short aided causes the formation of “Toy Story.”

Tin Toy in 1998, built up the notion of toys being alive, which inevitably prompted “Toy Story.” The movie “Tin Toy” likewise earned the Best Animated Short at the 61st US Academy Awards (1988).

Woody was initially portrayed as a ventriloquist dummy

The film at first drew Woody as a ventriloquist dummy. Obviously, this was later reformed as the movie kept on progressing.

Barbie intended to show up in the primary film

In spite of the fact that Barbie shows up in both the 2nd & 3rd movies, Mattel didn’t fancy her to show up in the 1st “Toy Story” movie. She was tendered out of the principal film and swapped by Bo Peep.

Woody’s voice

Tom Hanks was the initial (and truly only) preference to fill in as Woody’s voice. (His sibling Jim Hanks voiced the character for Woody-themed merchandise & video games.)

3rd time’s a charm

Toy Story 2 was a primary sequel for both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, however not their last! The two likewise voiced Buzz & Woody in Toy Story 3.


Toy Story 2 is amongst just three Disney movies to earn a Golden Globe for Best Picture, the 2 others being Beauty and the Beast & The Lion King.

More clothing changes than Cher

Ken changes his clothing approximately 21 times in the Toy Story 3 movie.

Sound familiar

John Ratzenberger, who voices Hamm in Toy Story, has accomplished voice squeeze in some capacity in each Pixar movie.

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