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F3 is a comedy film directed by Anil Ravipudi & produced by Dil Raju. In the main story, Venky and Varun are going through a financial crisis. Still, they want to recover from all their financial problems. Praganthi family has a very greedy mind for money, to solve all the problems, they decided to plan a heist.

Release Date: May 27, 2022

Genres: Comedy, Heist

Watchmoviesonline.in Rating: 2/5

Starring: Tamannaah Bhatia, Varun Tej, Venkatesh Daggubati, Sunil

Average Score: 50% Positive

Duration: 2h 28m

Director: Anil Ravipudi

Music Composer: Devi Sri Prasad

Production: Dil Raju Production

Review By The Indian Express

Ratings: 1/5

Review By: Manoj Kumar R (Critic)

Anil is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. His attempts at comedy lack both sincerity and originality. He uses every known trick from the handbook of how to make an obnoxious movie. The comedy is irrational, unrealistic, and crude. This film is so loud that it poses a great threat to our ability to think and process information.

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Review By Economictimes

Ratings: N/A

Review By: ET Spotlight Special

While the second half is good enough and the music is not usually unique and memorable, the outrageously marvellous conclusion affords masses of unusual hilarity. F3 can pay homage to Telugu cinema’s celebrities and blockbusters; in the end, the humour derived from the development of OTT will triumph.

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Review By First Post

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Sankeertana Varma (Critic)

Films like this afford the viewer an opportunity to consider their boundaries. How offensive is too offensive? How far can you go along with a joke before it becomes humourless? And the amount of self-loathing you indulge in after having laughed at a bad joke can tell you a lot about yourself. In that sense, Anil Ravipudi’s F3: Fun and Frustration is art, too, as it allows introspection, even if the burden of the word is solely on the viewer. However, as it stands, the film is a laughable attempt at comedy and entertainment. Some films ask the viewer to leave their brains at home, but this film makes sure that you leave the theatre empty-headed.

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F3 Movie Cast

  • Tamannaah Bhatia
  • Varun Tej
  • Venkatesh Daggubati
  • Sunil
  • Mehreen Pirzada
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Pragathi
  • Raghu Babu
  • Pradeep Pradeep
  • Annapoorna
  • Vijaya Y.

Final Verdict

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