GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version (Updated) Jan 2022

GBWhatsapp messaging app has been developed to allow you to open another account to send instant messages as well as make calls to your family and friends. If you do not know how to use GBWhatsapp on a single device then you should go through this write-up as it tells you everything for GBWhatsapp usage.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download

Latest Version Information:

License Free
Android Version 4.1+
Author GBMods
Size 52 MB
Downloads 1000000+
Updated Date Dec 30

What Is GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is a mobile messaging app that can be used to open a new Whatsapp account by using the same mobile device. Another feature that makes GBWhatsapp the best messaging app is that it allows you to make calls to your loved ones along with chatting with them whereas Whatsapp allows only for chatting. Moreover, you can make calls and send messages through GB Whatsapp effortlessly as it is very simple and easy to install and use. The only thing you need on your mobile device to install and use GBWhatsapp for making calls and sending messages is an internet connection. In this way, it can be a great messaging and calling app for android and other Smartphone users just by learning how to use two Whatsapp accounts with GBWhatsapp

Reasons To Use GbWhatsapp

  • You need not pay any additional fee to use GBWhatsapp for making calls and sending messages. It can be run on any type of internet connection including 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, or EDGE on your mobile phone.
  • You can send messages and make calls to more than one family member and friend by using this messaging application from the same device, without paying any additional charges
  • Along with making calls and sending text messages you can also use GBWhatsapp to receive and send music, videos, contacts, voice messages, and images, etc.
  • Along with these, you can also enjoy several other advantages through this application like it allows you to call your family and friends free of cost by using its calling feature.

Main features of GBWhatsapp app

  1. There are options to change size and colors etc. in Whatsapp but GBWhatsapp allows you to change various other visual MODs also along with sizes and colors of your images and text.
  2. Moreover, GBWhatsapp allows you to upload larger videos and music files due to its higher storage capacity of up to 30 GB whereas the maximum storage capacity of Whatsapp is up to 16 GB.
  3. The quality of images sent through GBWhatsapp is also much better than Whatsapp.
  4. It also allows you to share movies and music files online free of cost, without any signup, just by one click.
  5. You can also use it like Facebook Messenger to add the pictures of the contact profile to the chat.
  6. It also allows you to show your pictures on your phonebook and hide the pictures on the contact profile.
  7. Another important feature of this app is that it allows you to use its Built-in theme option to change your theme anytime. It also allows you to download and use any other theme online if any of the default themes are not suitable for you.
  8. You can also use GBWhatsapp to create groups to send an unlimited amount of videos, text messages, voice messages, and images.
  9. Android phone and Smartphone users are increasingly switching to GBWhatsapp from SMS to receive and send pictures, text, and voice messages, and make calls as they can download it free of cost at least for one year. After one year GBWhatsapp may offer various plans to use its services.

Ways to use GBWhatsapp app

  1. GBWhatsapp allows its android users to exchange messages with their family and friends without paying for sending SMS as this messaging app is based on a cross-platform. Whether you make a call or send a text or voice message GBWhatsapp will not charge you even a single penny because the mobile data it uses is the same that you use free for web browsing and email. Thus it can be considered as the best application to remain in touch with your family and friends as you can send them an unlimited amount of messages without spending any money by using the following steps.
  2. You should, first of all, hide your status and profile photo seen last from others while using GBWhatsapp for sending or receiving calls or messages. But, if you want to make your last seen profile photo or status visible to your family and friends then you select the â€My Contacts’ option of this app. In this way you can go to Settings-> Account-> Privacy to use it as per your liking.
  3. You can also go to Settings-> Payment Info to pay your charges to renew your account for the next 1, 3, or 5 years if your account with GBWhatsapp has been expired.
  4. You can delete your account with GBWhatsapp or change the number of your mobile phone whenever you want
  5. The information on your account, settings, and groups will be transferred to your new mobile number if you want to change it. So you should ensure that you are receiving calls or messages on your new number before sending messages or making calls through this app. Moreover, you will have to change your phone number on your old mobile phone if you want to use a new mobile phone with a new number.
  6. If you want to delete your account with GBWhatsapp then it will also delete your Whatsapp account along with the history of your calls and messages and your name from all of the groups you were using.
  7. Thus GBWhatsapp is the perfect app for you if you want to use two Whatsapp accounts on a single device. You need not pay any additional fee as it can be installed on the devices with a Whatsapp account.

New GBWhatsapp Pro Updates

  1. The ability to send a video up to 50MB instead of 30MB.
  2. Now go to the first message in the chat (open any chat then click the options and then go to the first message).
  3. Uploading an image or video from the “Story” status simply.
  4. Add option 2.2.5A to change the color of the group message list name in the main chats screen.
  5. You can easily click on the status links.
  6. When you search for a chat you can hide it now simply and easily.
  7. Fixed program shutdown when opening a chat on some devices.
  8. Fix some other problems.

New Features

  • [New] Show or hide chats in the main program, click on the chat, and select the Hide option.
  • [New] Save the new status to friends in the Gallery file.
  • [New] Retrieve the message counter feature on the application icon on the phone surface.
  • [New] Option (6.8) to retrieve the list of contacts instead of the new menu (status) and vice versa.
  • [New] Option (2.2.34) to change the color of the new status bar.
  • [New] Option (2.2.35) to change the color of the new status text.
  • Modified on the latest version of the official WhatsApp visa number (2.17.107)
  • Other reforms.
  • Based on the latest version of Google Play Number (2.17.146).
  • The ability to send games, programs, and all kinds of files (a feature more than wonderful!!).
  • You can pin any chat at the top of your chat list for easy access.
  • Possibility to pinned more than (3) chats.
  • Edit option (6.8) where you can put the list of names instead of the call log list or instead of the status list, you are free to choose.
  • Add a new option to change the style of hidden chats (hidden chats> and then the Settings button).
  • Add option (1.1.14) to hide the attach button from the top bar of the chat.
  • Add option (1.2.44) to hide the attach button from the chat typing box.
  • Fix option (6.11) to disable pop-up notifications in version Nougat (7.0).
  • Fix the pattern not seen when hiding a chat on some devices.
  • Fix the lock not seen when opening WhatsApp from the widget.
  • Other reforms.

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