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What is Isaidub?

Isaidub is one of the sites which has been the most excellent torrent site worldwide. Because this is the site where people can watch the latest released movies in HD prints, no other torrent website can do that. Most of the audience interacts with this website because no other website doesn’t upload the latest Telegu, Tamil, Bollywood & Hollywood movies before Isaidub. However, the torrent site is banned by Google in the united states for uploading copyright content. But all country law is not the same people can still use Isaidub. To know the process, please read the article till the end & enjoy it.

Video Piracy has been hit and misses on the rise in recent years. Regarding Video Privacy, the one name that strikes a chord is Isaidub. Motion photos for transfer sites are accessible all over the net, but the manner Isaidub works are tremendous among all the new Telugu flick transfer sites.

How does Isaidub work?

Isaidub is one of the famous movie downloading sites in the united states. The website has been working hard for many years. It has a huge team that collects the latest content and uploads it faster than any other website. But there might be a question in your mind about why this website is serving pirated content to the users and what their profit is. When a user visits the website, the user has to face some advertisements. Isaidub has some sponsor ads; when the user gives an impression of these ads, the owner gets a profit. Mainly they serve pirated content to earn money.

Which are the new available links for Isaidub?

Here however we tend to see what square measure some of the opposite Isaidub areas from wherever you’ll be able to transfer Hindi Hollywood motion footage in HD, new Telugu films 2022, South Dravidian motion footage transfer, New picture transfer 2022 then on.

So below are the new links to Isaidub. If you want to download your favorite Movie with one click please use the list which has been given below:

  • Isaidub.hd

Why Isaidub was blocked in the United States?

As lately when the administration’s activity, its lawful cluster blocked and expelled the Isaidub on the website from Google. The reason for blocking Isaidub is the governing law of the United States, but the story isn’t ended we all know that there is not only one domain name like this website. There are thousands of domain names that are running on behalf of movie uploading sites. The audience is still watching these videos after visiting these thousand torrent sites.

Though the founder’s father (Isaidub) is banned some similar sites want to take its place like Isaidub 300MB, Isaidub new movies, Isaidub English dubbed movies, etc you can also use this website to download new Tamil & Telegu films in HD. But we recommend you to not use this site to go to the cinema hall & enjoy the real content. Because watching copyright content from torrent sites is illegal. So it’s better to not use this kind of torrent site.

What are the alternatives to Isaidub?

Isaidub is one of the greatest illegal websites for downloading free movies. There are several other websites that you may find useful for downloading movies. Only some websites deliver the current hits on a stylish website. So here’s a selection of the top alternate websites that could fit Isaidub’s intent instead.

Which categories of movies are available on Isaidub?

Isaidub has split there website into many categories to make a much much better user experience. By separating categories, the user can easily find the movie that they want to download. It’s a great feature by the illegal website Isaidub. The Following categories are mentioned below.

What are the Latest Movies Leaked by the Isaidub website?

Isaidub is pretty famous because most of the Indian Bollywood movies are leaked in Isaidub. So in the year, 2022 many blockbuster movies have launched in India. But the maximum number of movies were leaked by the legendary website Isaidub.

Isaidub – FAQs

Some questions appear in your mind, what are the unknown things that we don’t know about Isaidub. So I have made an FAQ about the website where you will get all the questions answers that could be asked frequently. If you need more FAQs about Isaidub please let me know.

1. Is It Safe To Use Isaidub?

Recently Google has banned Isaidub from the united states. So it’s not possible to browse Isaidub from the united states. Because In countries like USA & India Piracy is illegal. In any case, the laws aren’t most exacting for individuals viewing/downloading motion photos.

2. How to use Isaidub without VPN?

As you know if you browse in the play store you will see that the maximum VPN has millions of downloads & all the servers are slow. There is a secondary way that is a proxy server. A proxy server is like a 3rd hand server that will download the file for you and serve the content to the user.

3. How to use Isaidub without ads?

First, if you are a Pc user you can add an ad-blocker Extention. But if you are an Android phone user you can download an adblocker app from the Play store. This Extention & app will block the ads to load then you can use the Isaidub smoothly.

4. Why Isaidub is not opening?

The website is blocked by many countries for piracy issues. So when a user wants to access the website from a blocked country the user just sees a blank page in front of him. When that happened the user thinks that the website is not working.

5. Why Isaidub is so popular?

Isaidub is working for many years & still, they are working very hard. As you know when a movie got released people wanted to watch that quickly. But they can’t go to the cinema hall, because they don’t have much spare time. For that reason, people use this website so they can watch the latest movies.

6. Is it possible to have a jail for downloading pirated movies?

Some years ago no law was made against this crime but the USA government law is very strict. If a person does this kind of crime the government officials should make sure that the person gets punished for this.

Punishments For Uploading Pirated Movies:

  1. Imprisoned for 3 years.
  2. Pay a fine of up to ₹ 10 lakh.
  3. Imprisoned for 3 years & pay a fine of up to ₹ 10 lakh Both.

7. Does Isaidub Serve Movie Streaming Facility?

Only the official website has a live streaming option but a similar website doesn’t have the feature of movie streaming. If you have a fast internet connection I suggest you use the website because downloading a movie need to have very big storage.

8. Do I Need To Sign Up In Isaidub?

Maximum movie downloading website requires you to sign up to download movies. But Isaidub is not like that it’s a different platform you don’t need any kind of sign-up process to download movies.

9. How much time does it take to release a new movie in Isaidub?

Isaidub is the best movie server in the united states the website mostly releases all the new films as they got released in cinema halls. When a film gets released in the cinema hall you will get the hall print in Isaidub, but after some time you will get the HD version from this website.

10. How can you officially download Movies and Tv shows?

As you know piracy is not allowed in any country in the world. So we should avoid this and should download and officially watch all movies. So two companies allow you to download the latest movies & Tv Shows. The companies are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video


We don’t support piracy. This content is about torrenting safety. Though people use pirated content knowing it’s illegal the users should be alerted. If you like the article please share it on your social media accounts. Also, What do you think about Isaidub? Give us your opinion about Isaidub in the comment section, Thank You.

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