Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Jayeshbhai Jordaar StoryLine

Jayeshbhai is the son of the village panchayat president. Boman Irani is staring as the sarpanch; they don’t believe in men & women’s quality. But on the other hand, Ranbir Shing as Jayeshbhai don’t compare female and male. When Jayeshbhai’s wifes got pregnant, they were expecting a girl, but his family didn’t want a girl. So Jayeshbhai fought against his family to protect the baby and his wife.

Release Date: May 13, 2022

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Watchmoviesonline.in Rating: 3/5

Movie duration: 2h 1m

Starring: Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah, and Jia Vaidya

Average Score: 70% Positive

Director: Divyang Thakkar

Producers: Maneesh Sharma, Aditya Chopra

Composed: Vishal–Shekhar, Sanchit Balhara

Review By Bollywood Hungama

Ratings: 3/5

Review By: Bollywood Hungama News Network (Critic)

JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR starts on a fine note. The intro scene is superb and Jayeshbhai’s narrative explains the whole setting beautifully. The scene where Jayeshbhai pretends to beat up Mudra is unexpected and lovely. The real fun begins once Jayeshbhai escapes with his wife and daughter and pretends that he’s being forced to do so against his wishes. The scene at the dhaba is nail-biting. The intermission point is clapworthy. Post-interval, the track at the home stay is fine but gets repetitive. The film picks up once viewers learn of Jayeshbhai’s plan. The finale is entertaining.

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Review By Firstpost

Ratings: 2/5

Review By: Anna MM (Critic)

The only selling point of Jayeshbhai Jordaar is Ranveer Singh. The actor plays a Gujarati without caricaturing Gujaratis, and transforms his body, body language and demeanour, his posture, his walk, his gestures and his entire personality to such an extent for this fictional character that it requires an effort to recall how, just a short while back, he had metamorphosed into one of India’s most well-known, well-loved sportspersons without mimicking him but by becoming the man in Kabir Khan’s 83.

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Review By NDTV

Ratings: 2.5/5

Review By: Saibal Chatterjee

With the reintroduction of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in the forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, this really does seem to be part one of Marvel’s “sorry we forgot about all the female love interests” apology tour. But it’s hard to build on a relationship that ultimately hasn’t been of central concern to Strange. He is, after all, a guy still wrestling with the fact that he helped to temporarily obliterate half of all life in order to ultimately save the universe.

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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Cast

  • Abhinay Raj Singh
  • Ranveer Singh
  • Shalini Pandey
  • Boman Irani
  • Ratna Pathak Shah
  • Pramod Kumar
  • Puneet Issar
  • Azzy Bagria
  • Ananya Nagalla
  • Sanjeev Jogtiyani
  • Rohit Saha
  • Vaishakh Ratanben
  • Babli Pandey
  • Ragi Jani
  • Mehool Desai
  • Pratik Nanda
  • Farabi Md Refat
  • Tarun Malhotra

Final Verdict

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