Kaagaz Critics Review


Release Date: January 7, 2021

Genres: DramaComedy, Biography

Average Score: 80% Positive

Reviews Counted: 5

Review By NDTV

Ratings: 3/5

Review By: Saibal (Critic)

Mita Vashisht and Brijendra Kala (as a judge) have fleeting cameos. Satish Kaushik plays a more extended role with customary aplomb. It is however left to Pankaj Tripathi to keep Kaagaz afloat even when it appears to be wilting a touch under the burden of its solemn purpose. He doesn’t let the film down.

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Review By Times Of India

Ratings: 3/5

Review By: Pallabi (Critic)

The essence of the Indian heartland and the era that’s far bygone has been aptly captured by costume designer Sujata Rajain, and Arkodeb Mukherjee’s cinematography is rustic and relevant.

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Review By Indian Express

Ratings: 1.5/5

Review By: Shubhra (Critic)

We see Lal Bihari run from the proverbial pillar to post, even as his harried wife (Gajjar) and his two growing children bear the brunt of his never-say-die attitude: the derision and humiliation dished out by the people to whom Lal Bihari goes for support, proves unbearable. He suffers, while everyone else makes merry. His rotund lawyer (Kaushik) is happy about his ‘bakra’ who has to keep coughing up precious cash; local ‘neta’ (Vashishth) gives him time, but can offer, completely improbably, no solution.

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Review By Firstpost


Review By: Anna (Critic)

This scene, brief and on the sidelines though it is, is particularly disappointing because Kaagaz’s focus on Rukmani’s plight is crucial and unusual: a wife who is left taking care of the hearth and home while a husband – whether an activist or a sant – attains glory pursuing a higher cause is rarely offered empathy as she is here.

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Review By Rediff

Ratings: 2.5/5

Review By: Sukanya (Critic)

Though it refreshingly avoids the use of Bollywood music to imply the period the story has progressed in, there are far too many songs of its own, including a mandatory item number interrupting the pace.

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Kaagaz Movie Run Time

2h 30m

Release Date Of Kaagaz

Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi Launched On January 7, 2021

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