KickassTorrents – Proxy, Mirror Site & Alternatives List Updated


What is pirated Content?

When a person uploads copyright content without the permission of the content owners on movie downloading websites it becomes pirated content. By the law of India uploading, pirated content is completely illegal. When a person does that it is considered a crime. If a person does that crime he/she has to suffer for it. A few years ago there was no law about pirated content but video piracy has increased law if a person does that he has to go to jail. But every country’s law is not the same many countries allow this pirated content. But we recommend you to not use that kind of torrent site because that is also illegal.

What is a magnet download?

A magnet link is like a hyperlink it enables the download option which helps to download data or files from torrent networks. It’s also a strategy to download pirated content from torrents safely. If a user uses a magnet link the user would not be redirected to any other website it would download the specific file that the user needs to download. Magnet links can be generated from any file, content, or data. We recommend you to use these magnet links because it’s the safest way to get the content from torrent networks.

Final Words About KickassTorrents

All of the new latest movies, software, mp3, songs & videos get launched on KickassTorrents faster than any other website. KickassTorrents is one of the best active movie uploading websites on the internet. So if you want to watch the latest new launched movies, software, mp3, songs & videos my first recommendation will be KickassTorrents.

There might be a question in your mind is KickassTorrents uploads all kinds of pirated content. The answer is “Yes” but most of the content is based on torrents. If you are a person from India you might get all the benefits from KickassTorrents.


You should know that we don’t support piracy. We just wanted to tell you about the safety & what would happen if you get caught for torrenting. So we recommend you don’t use these torrent sites it could be harmful to the user. Read the full instruction given in the article. If you like the article please give it a like & share it on your social media accounts. Also, What do you think about KickassTorrents? Give us your opinion about KickassTorrents in the comment section, Thank You.

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