Soorma Movie Review & Critics

Soorma Movie Review & Critics

What Is The Review Score Of Soorma?

The Review Score Of The Soorma Is 50%.

The Reasons Why Soorma Got A Positive Review?

  • The Review Of The Movie Is Positive 88% (Reviewed By Expert).
  • User Review 2.40/5(Which Means To Medium).
  • Experienced Directors Gave This Movie A Positive Review.
  • The Movie Is About Biography, Drama, Sport.
  • Sports Scenes Are Very Good As Well.
  • IMDb Rated The Movie 7.4/10 Which Is Very Medium.
  • Considering All Information This Movie Has Full Positive Review.

Soorma Rating Analysis:

  • Ratings: 2.0/5
  • Review By: Rohit Vats
  • Website: Hindustan Times
  • Visit Site For More Information.

Sandeep was around 20 when he was shot. On that front, Diljit looks older, but this is least of his problems. His body language isn’t exactly like that of a hockey player. The difference is even more evident when Sandeep’s real life brother and a hockey player, Bikramjeet (as Pakistani player Tanveer), shares scenes with Diljit.


  • Ratings: 3.5/5
  • Review By: Ronak Kotecha
  • Website: Times Of India
  • Visit Site For More Information.

So if you want to know when, why, how and what happened to Sandeep Singh, Soorma is the name of the game. It is a story told with its heart in the right place, and on that count it scores. Only that, it shows you the reality, minus the melodrama.

  • Ratings: 2.5/5
  • Review By: Shubhra Gupta
  • Website: Indian Express
  • Visit Site For More Information.

The moment it shifts track, and starts building up its lead into a hero, background music blaring, and the sporting blood-and-sweat shoved into the background, it becomes your standard ‘rona-dhona’ fare. A bhangra song-and-dance is bunged in. And the hockey gets drowned in tears.

  • Ratings: 2.0/5
  • Review By: Saibal Chatterjee
  • Website: NDTV
  • Visit Site For More Information.

Dosanjh cannot be faulted. He makes the best of a bad deal. Pannu, an actress who always gives the impression that she is sailing through with ease, does her bit to give Soorma its rare convincing moments. Angad Bedi has a meaty role – he digs his teeth into it and steals many a scene. Satish Kaushik, in the role of Sandeep’s travelling salesman-father, adds a few bright spots to Soorma.


  • Ratings: 2.0/5
  • Review By: Anna MM
  • Website: Firstpost
  • Visit Site For More Information.

The path to his rehabilitation centre is immersive. From the moment he gets there though, Soorma becomes superficial.

To make matters worse, Harpreet in the second half suddenly becomes a spare wheel in Sunny’s tale, with motivations that come across as flimsy and somewhat stupid. The result is that the excitement is lost and the narrative becomes insipid.

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