The Gray Man Review

The Gray Man

The Gray Man is the biggest budget Netflix film that features Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans. The movie is full of action more than 200 million USD was spent to make these masterpieces. Also, Dhanush has made his debut in Hollywood. but in the first week, the movie was unable to make an impact let’s hope it can recover its losses.

Release Date: July 22, 2022

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas

Average Score: 80% Positive

Duration: 2h 2m

Director: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo

Producer: Joe Russo, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Roth, Chris Castaldi, Anthony Russo, Palak Patel, Mike Larocca

Distributed: Netflix

Review By Indian Express

Ratings: 2/5

Review By: Anvita Singh

As for the women — Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick and Margaret Cahill — they are good actors who are not given that much importance, maybe barring Ana’s Dani Miranda, a special CIA agent who has Six’s back. The issue here is, there’s only so much meat for such a big ensemble cast. Everyone has to make do with what they get, because of course the largest chunks go to Gosling and Evans.

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Review By Hindustan Times

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Abhimanyu Mathur

You cannot help but overawed when you look at Endgame’s climactic battle. In fact, if you look at any of Russos’ previous hits, they were replete with iconic moments. It could be Captain America lifting the Mjolnir in Endgame, Thor’s electrifying arrival on Wakanda in Infinity War, Black Panther’s tunnel chase scene in Civil War, or merely Bucky stopping Cap’s shield with his hand in Winter Soldier. The Gray Man lacks that. There is not one moment or scene that stands out and makes you gasp. It is a grand scale film but one that may not stay with you as it ages.

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Review By NDTV

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Saibal Chatterjee (Critic)

The relentless pyrotechnics that accompany Sierra Six’s feats and the amazing escapes that he pulls off are unable to fully paper over the storytelling slip-ups and unremarkable narrative devices in The Gray Man. For one, the film flits from one place to another (Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Vienna, Prague, Baku, Monaco, Turkey, Croatia, one new location every ten minutes or so in a two-hour film) at a pace too dizzying to allow for easy comprehension.

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The Gray Man Cast

  • Ryan Gosling
    Chris Evans
    Ana de Armas
    Billy Bob Thornton
    Jessica Henwick
    Callan Mulvey
    Charlit Dae
    Cameron Crovetti
    Chris Castaldi
    Jeremy Tichy
    Marian Mitas
    Petr Semerád
  • Dhanush Dhanush
    Alfre Woodard
    Regé-Jean Page
    Wagner Moura
    Julia Butters
    Shea Whigham
    Deobia Oparei
    Robert Kazinsky
    Daz CrawfordDana Aliya Levinson
    Nadiv Molcho
    Jimmy Jean-Louis
    Adam Bartlett
    Eme Ikwuakor
    Patrick Newall
    Anthony J. Vorhies
    Quinn R. Somasavachai
    Siri Schwartzberg
    Faye Nightingale
    Alexander Minajev
    Karen Jin Beck
    Angela Russo-Otstot
    Kate Blumberg
    Becky Wu
    Maria Darkin
    Justin Walker White
    Kaipo Schwab
    Emanuel Felix
    Kendall Wells
    Michael Anthony Rogers
    Joe Daru
    Oleg Kim
    Irina Aylyarova
    Martin Harris
    Karel Hermánek
    Michelle Twarowska
    Michel Carliez
    Grace Russo
    Lia Russo
    Camille Marquez
    Brent McGee
    Belén Cusi
    Faouzi Brahimi
    Boone Platt
    Gee Alexander
    Dennis Kunkel
    Steven Sievert
    Gordon Tarpley
  • Paul Abell
    Andy Watts
    Steffen Dziczek
    Ian Stone
    R. Ben Parker
    Swen Gillberg
    William ‘Ish’ Barkley
    Stepan Radina
    Gozie Agbo
    Isaac Stephen Montgomery
    Matthew Bellows
    Marc Forget

Final Verdict

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