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The Lion King India Box Office Collections

Hits 130 Million Dollar In The First Weak

The Lion King Box Office Got The 7th Highest Opening On Bollywood. The Movie Has A great Opening In India. The Movie Has Got A 10.65 Core Opening.

Which Make This Movie 3rd Highest Opening For A Hollywood Movie In 2019. This Movie Has One Of the Best Graphics That Has Been Used To Create Movie. The Movie Has Heated 81.57 Core In First Weak Collection.

What Is The Total Box Office Collection Of The Lion King?

Day 1Trade Figure:10.65 Crore
Producer Figure:11.06 Crore
Day 2Trade Figure:19 Crore
Producer Figure:19.15 Crore
Day 3Trade Figure:24.25 Crore
Producer Figure:24.54 Crore
Day 4Trade Figure:7.75 Crore
Producer Figure:7.93 Crore
Day 5Trade Figure:7 Crore
Producer Figure:7.02 Crore
Day 6Trade Figure:6.25 Crore
Producer Figure:6.25 Crore
Day 7Trade Figure:5.65 Crore
Producer Figure:5.65 Crore
Day 8Trade Figure:5 Crore
Producer Figure:5.35 Crore
Day 9Trade Figure:11.5 Crore
Producer Figure:12.22 Crore
Day 10Trade Figure:15 Crore
Producer Figure:15.13 Crore
Day 11Trade Figure:3.25 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 12Trade Figure:3.25 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 13Trade Figure:2.75 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 14Trade Figure:2.51 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 15Trade Figure:1.75 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 16Trade Figure:3.51 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A
Day 17Trade Figure:5.01 Crore
Producer Figure:N/A

How Much Is The Budget Of The Lion King?

$260 Million Was Spend In This Movie If You Convert This Money Into Indian Rupe The Estimated Score Will Be 1842 Crores.

What Is Box Office Collection Of The Lion King Worldwide?

In The Opening Weekend, The Directors & The Producer Expected To Get $190 Million. But They Got $130 Million Dollar In The First Week. This Movie Got The 3rd Largest Opening Weekend In 2019.

How Many Screens The Lion King Got In India?

The Movie Has Got More Than 2140 Screens In India. So Its A Big Opening In India Everyone Is Hoping That It’s Going To Be The One Of the Best Hit In 2019.

The Lion King Full Cast & Crew:

Chiwetel Ejioforin the movie: Scar (voice)
John Oliverin the movie: Zazu (voice)
James Earl Jonesin the movie: Mufasa (voice)
John Kaniin the movie: Rafiki (voice)
Alfre Woodardin the movie: Sarabi (voice)
JD McCraryin the movie: Young Simba (voice)
Shahadi Wright Josephin the movie: Young Nala (voice)
Penny Johnson Jeraldin the movie: Sarafina (voice)
Keegan-Michael Keyin the movie: Kamari (voice)

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