Moon Knight Episode 5 Review

Moon Knight Episode 5

Episode 5 Story Line

The 4th episode, “Hippo Goddess.” was the first time introduced in MCU Universe. Steven & mark both were confused about why they were there and what was happening to them. Then Hippo Goddess explained that this is hell; they have to scale their heart equal to reach heaven. In episode 5, you will see how only one person will reach heaven.

Release Date: April 27, 2022

Genres: Superhero fiction, Psychological horror, Action fiction, Fantasy television Rating: 4.5/5

Movie Duration: 47 Min

Starring: Doug Moench, F. Murray Abraham, Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy

Average Score: 90% Positive

Director: Mohamed Diab

Producers: Grant Curtis

Music Director: Hesham Nazih

Composer: Hesham Nazih

Review By Clutch Points

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Julio Luis Munar

Both Marc and Steven enter an old temple. They both see a mortally-wounded Marc about to kill himself before Khonshu stopped him. The Egyptian god calls on him to be his avatar, which the mercenary accepts. As he does, the dying Marc is then transformed into Moon Knight to carry on his vengeance.

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Review By Marvel

Ratings: N/A


The true nature of the Duat is impossible for the human mind to comprehend, so they may perceive the realm as something easily recognizable; hence, the psychiatric facility. Marc retorts that they’re insane to a deflated Steven, frustrated that his reality now involves a talking hippo, a talking dead bird, Steven outside of his body, and now the afterlife. Dr. Harrow is right. Believing that he’s at Putnam’s, Marc walks through a pair of doors, only to find himself on the deck of Taweret’s massive boat as it navigates the Underworld desert.

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Review By Techradar

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Tom Power

As Tawaret begins to explain that Marc and Steven are traveling to the afterlife via the Egyptian underworld, Marc asks if the psychiatric ward is a stand-in for said underworld. Tawaret says “This is an afterlife, not the afterlife. You’d be surprised how many intersectional planes of untethered consciousness exist.”

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Moon Knight Cast

  • Oscar Isaac
  • Ethan Hawke
  • May Calamawy
  • F. Murray Abraham
  • David Ganly
  • Ann Akinjirin
  • Shaun Scott
  • Karim El Hakim
  • Michael Benjamin Hernandez
  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • Antonia Salib
  • Díana Bermudez
  • Khalid Abdalla
  • Lucy Thackeray
  • Alexander Cobb
  • Loic Mabanza
  • Sofia Danu
  • Fernanda Andrade
  • Rey Lucas
  • Saffron Hocking
  • Barbara Rosenblat
  • Darwin Shaw
  • Anouk Christiansen
  • Terique Jarrett
  • Nina Mahiri
  • Declan Hannigan
  • Miriam Nyarko
  • István Mezei
  • Thibault Chiron
  • Hayley Konadu
  • Fiz Marcus
  • Jozsef Fodor
  • Joseph Millson
  • Nagisa Morimoto
  • Lorna Anders
  • Gabor Szeman
  • András Korcsmáros
  • Bill Bekele
  • Jalil Naciri
  • Gabriella Csizmadia
  • Alex Martin
  • Mohamed Elachi
  • James Bomalick
  • Zizi Dagher
  • Ahmad Dash
  • Peyvand Sadeghian
  • Eric Colvin
  • Larz Nan
  • Anne Kavanagh
  • Amr Elkady
  • Mahmoud-Mohammed Sihem Soltan
  • Marcell Szelle
  • Kristóf Nagy

Final Verdict

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