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Super 30 Full Movie Review

The Super 30 Review Score: 56%

The Super 30 Review: 

  • The Review Of The Movie Is Positive.
  • User Review 8.5/10(Which Means Low)
  • Experienced Directors Do Give This Movie A positive Review.
  • Trailer Animation Is Very High Quality.
  • The Film Is About Education.
  • The Emotional Scenes Are Very Good As Well.
  • IMDb Rated The Movie 8.5/10. So Which Is Very High Rating.
  • Considering All Information This Movie Has Full Positive Review.

Hindustan Times Rated The Movie: 2.0/5

When you exaggerate the extraordinary, it looks ordinary. Mathematics whiz and educator Anand Kumar has led a remarkable life, coaching hundreds of underprivileged children past the rigours of the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exams. His story deserves attention, but director Vikas Bahl confoundingly embellishes it into typical filmi fare in Super 30. For some reason, Kumar’s actual triumph wasn’t enough — therefore the filmmakers added clichéd adversity. The odds may have challenged Kumar, but the Hrithik Roshan version features armed hitmen, evil politicians and moustached villains.

Times of India Rated The Movie: 3.5/5

While the narrative does have its flaws, ‘Super 30’ is a human drama and the story of a teacher who triumphs over the many challenges that life throws at him, to set an example for the world to see. Just for that it’s worth a watch.

NDTV Rated The Movie: 2.0/5

Director of photography Anay Goswami does his best to provide a tinge of tangibility to the ersatz settings. Super 30 has been shot on studio sets rather than on real locations, so do not look for the real sights and smells of Patna. That is one of the key problems with Super 30: it tells a true story but it never rings true. Nothing in the film is less convincing than the lead performance. The idea to bronze up Hrithik Roshan so that he can impersonate Anand Kumar is anything but super: it is a formula that equals zero.

Deccan Chronicle Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

In the end, ‘Super 30’ makes you smile, it will also break your heart, it will make your spirit soar, and if you have no math inclinations, it will inspire you and make you appreciate its beauty, its usefulness, and contribution to the world. And it also reminds us that without films so many inspiring stories of unsung heroes would go unnoticed.

News18 Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

That director Vikas Bahl despite having superstar Hrithik Roshan in his cast steers away from giving Super 30 a filmi touch, opts instead for presenting acts of integrity and courage as they occur in life, is laudable. Like the instance when Kumar (Hrithik Roshan) in order to bring home the bacon has to resort to selling papads on a bicycle. Or, when he quietly let’s go the love of his life for fulfilling a self-imposed duty. The film is certainly better off in choosing realistic heroism over the superheroism that Hindi cinema is so accustomed to. After all, as the famous saying goes—“Not all superheroes wear capes.” Super 30 is the story of one such.

Gulf News Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

While the film doesn’t encumber you with a nuanced performance from its lead star, ‘Super 30’ scores high when it comes to a one-time watch about the deep divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Bollywood Hungama Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

On the whole, SUPER 30 has a fine first half but goes downhill in the second hour. Yet, the impact is made due to the high emotional quotient and also thanks to Hrithik Roshan’s superlative performance. At the box office, it will require a good word of mouth to rein in the footfalls.

Bollywood Bundle Rated The Movie: 3.5/5

On the whole, SUPER 30 has a fine first half but goes downhill in the second hour. Yet, the impact is made due to the high emotional quotient and also thanks to Hrithik Roshan’s superlative performance. At the box office, it will require a good word of mouth to rein in the footfalls.

Firstpost Rated The Movie: 2.0/5

Super 30 comes across as a project that someone somewhere lost interest in at some point and then it all came apart. What else but casualness can explain the misspelling of the production house’s own name in the final credits? Caste should have been omnipresent in Super 30 but by the film’s second half it has become almost an aside while the good folk battle conventional Bollywood villains. Someone somewhere gave up on Super 30 a while back, and it shows.

Khaleej Times Rated The Movie: 3.5/5

While there may be flaws in the true depiction of Anand Kumar’s story, Super 30 is worth a watch for Hrithik’s solid performance and the take on the state of education in the country.

Mumbai Mirror Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

This film seems like a hark back to the 80s because it reprises the socialist time in Hindi cinema when the hero was invariably one with modest means whom life hadn’t presented many opportunities. Even the privileged were portrayed with decided cynicism, almost implicitly implying that they had amassed their excessive wealth through notorious means. The dialogue that is punched along with crucial turns in the film — “Raja ka beta Raja nahin banega” — also seems a bit dated, especially in times of excessive quotas in every sphere. But even if you aren’t one for nostalgia, this one delivers as a one-time watch.

Quint Rated The Movie: 3.0/5

Somehow, Hrithik seems alien in the very surroundings he should ideally look an indispensable part of.Sadly, this proves to be the Super 30’s biggest weakness. His on-screen brother is the popular television actor Nimish Sandhu, who is fairly good even though he looks burdened with all that skin darkening make up. Still, Super 30 deserves to be seen for everything that it gets right.

Super 30 Full Cast & Crew:

Hrithik Roshan in the movie: Anand Kumar
Mrunal Thakur in the movie: Supriya
Karishma Sharma in the movie: Song…Paisa
Nandish Singh in the movie: Pranav Kumar
Virendra Saxena in the movie: Rajendra Kumar (Anand Kumar’s father)
Aditya Srivastava in the movie: Lallan Singh
Pankaj Tripathi in the movie: Ram Singh (Education Minister)
Amit Sadh in the movie: Raghunath Bharat
Manav Gohil in the movie: Purusotam

What Is The Release Date Of Super 30 Movie?

  • Super 30 Full Movie Has Released In 9th July 2019.

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