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The Lion King Review

The Lion King Review

Review: 7.2/10

The Lion King Review Score: 88%

The Lion King Review: 

  • The Review Of The Movie Is Positive.
  • User Review 7.2/10(Which Means Low)
  • Experienced Directors Do Give This Movie A positive Review.
  • Trailer Animation Is Very High Quality.
  • The Film Is About Action & Emotion.
  • The Comedy Scenes Are Very Funny As Well.
  • IMDb Rated The Movie 7.2/10. So Which Is Very High Rating.
  • Considering All Information This Movie Has Full Positive Review.

What Is The Story Of The Lion King Movie?

The Lion King Movie Full Story: Once upon a time as the African sun peeked over the horizon. The animals of the Savannah gathered at pride rock to honor keen moved fossa and queen so Robbie’s newborn lying in Cup sim. The proud parents had just welcomed the tiny Cup to the great circle of life. Rafiki a wise baboon presented the future came to the Savannah. The animals cheered and stamped their feet in approval. Scar foster’s brother didn’t attend the ceremony. Scott had been next in line to rule until symbol was born. He wanted to get rid of the young Cup so he could be king. Life’s not fair, is it. Scott complains to a mouse he was about to eat. Just then move fossils adviser Zazu flew by. Can move us is on the way he announced. My father was not happy that scar was absent from the celebration. So Robbie and I didn’t see you at the presentation of Simba said the king. As my father’s brother star should have been first to greet the Cup. Scott shrugged and told the king that he forgot. Then he walked back to his den. Don’t turn your back on me Scott said to move fasa. Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me. Our wind.  As time passed Simba grew into a curious Cup.

My father had promised to teach him about being king so one morning he took a symbol to the top of pride rock. Looks samba said move fasa. Everything the light touches are our kingdom but he cautioned his son never to go beyond the boundaries of the kingdom. Later that day Simba visited his uncle scar. My dad just showed me the whole kingdom and I’m going to rule it all he said excitedly. With an evil grin scar asked of move boss, I had shown Simba the elephant graveyard beyond the northern border. Only the bravest lions go there he added cigar new symbol couldn’t resist the chance to prove his bravery. One Simba told his best friend Nala I just heard about this great place. The cubs were eager to explore the graveyard so they lied to their mothers asking if they could go to the water hole their mothers agreed but only of Zazu went with them. Once they were in the Savannah Simba and Nala DH desires do as they neared the graveyard the friends laughed and pounced on each other. Before tumbling into a dark red being filled with bones an elephant skull.

Dark mist covered the ground. Simba and Nala cautiously walked toward an enormous goal. We could get in big trouble Nahlah whispered. Zazu who had been searching for the cubs knew they were in terrible danger. As soon as he found them three hyenas emerge from the shadows and backed them into a corner. We’d love you to stick around for dinner said shin Z. the leader of the trio. Samba Nyland Zazu ran for it but the hygiene is caught Zazu so symbol ran back to help him. Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size Simba said in his brave his voice. Without hesitation, the hyenas charged after Simba and Nala the cubs were no match for the hyenas just when it looked like they were done for move bus arrived and save them the frightened hyenas quickly ran away. The symbol was in big trouble but the king didn’t stay angry for long.

We’ll always be together right asked Simba. Look at the stars moved faster said. Let’s go had a new plan. Be prepared he announced for the death of the king. Why is he sick. Ask the hyena named ed. No fool. We’re going to kill him Cimber too he said. The next day Scarborough at symbol to a gorge where wildebeest were grazing nearby. Now you wait here your father has a marvelous surprise for you he said. When scar was safely away the hyenas chase the wildebeest toward samba then scar ran off to find move basa stampede in the gorge Simba’s down there he said faucet immediately hurried off to save his son. Fasa managed to rescue samba but the herd carried the king farther down the gorge. When you try to climb out the rocks crumbled beneath him. To move losses relief he saw scar above him. Help me he cried out. But scar dug his claws into foster’s pause. Long live the king he whispered before throwing his brother back into the gorge. Once the stampede cleared symbol found his father lying lifeless at the base of a cliff. He tearfully nudging fossils paw. But the great king did not stir. Then scar appeared. Simba what have you done it was an accident said Simba. I didn’t mean for it to happen.

What am I gonna do? The poor cub was overwhelmed with grief. Runaway Simba scar instructed. Runaway and never return. Scar watched as symbol fled the only home he’d ever known. Once the Cup was out of sight. Scott ordered the hyenas to kill him. They chase December through the gorge and up to a steep cliff. Desperate to escape symbol leaped into a thorny thicket below. The hyena skidded to a stop when they saw the ticket. He’s as good as dead out there they agreed to before returning to pride rock. Back at pride rock scar broke the news of move fast as death. Sniffling between words he explained that Simba’s young life was cut short two it is with a heavy heart that I assume the throne he said. Before declaring he would rule alongside the happiness. The lions hung their heads as kings car ascended pride rock. Simba ran and ran until he couldn’t run anymore. Exhausted he fainted under the heat of the desert sun. Where Amir cat named to moan and a warthog named Paloma found him. The cheerful friends brought Simba home with them when Simba woke up he was still fat. But to moan in Pune by explaining that when life gets them down.

A certain phrase helps them feel better. Repeat after I said to moan before clearing his throat. Hi Murtada. Simba didn’t understand so boom explained. It means no worries. A symbol like this model and his new friend’s carefree lifestyle so he decided to stay with them in the jungle. Years passed and Simba grew into a strong young lion. He tried to forget about the past but as he gazed into the night sky with Damone impose but one night. He couldn’t help thinking of the great kings and everything his father had taught him. Simba site. He didn’t know where he belonged in the great circle of life. One day as to moan in Pune bush strolled through the jungle a lioness attacked boom. The terrified warthog ran away but got stuck under a tree root symbol rush to protect his friend. I symbol wrestled the lioness. She pinned him to the ground. Simba quickly realized it was his old friend Nala. As the sunset symbol show Nala around the beautiful jungle. They were so happy to see each other again. But something was on Niles mind. We really needed you at home she said. Under king scar, the pride lands had become bearing and the animals were starving. I can’t go back he said. You. Wouldn’t understand. That night wise old Rufiji found Simba alone and deep in thought. Your move Fosse’s boy he said. He’s a life and I’ll show them to you. Curious symbol followed refer you get to the edge of a stream. As he looked into the water his reflection changed shape and became the face of move faster.

You see he lives in you set the baboon. Mu fossil space then appeared in the clouds and began to speak. Look inside yourself Simba you are my son and the one true king. The clouds faded away and Simba knew what he had to do. I’m going back he told Ricky key. And immediately set off of pride rock. When Simba reached the kingdom. He couldn’t believe his I. The once bountiful land was now dry and barren. Just then now look to moan and puma ran up behind him. With the key had told them that somebody had returned home. And they all wanted to help their friend we claim the throne. At your service my lease said puma. Well, Simba searched for the scar to moan and puma distracted the hygiene. Simba soon found the boss Keane arguing with his mother and when Simba sauce Garsh striker he let out an angry war and lunged at his uncle. I’m a little surprised to see you. Alive said scar I the high units. The choice is yours Kerr said Simba. Either step-down or might. Scar wouldn’t give up the throne that easily. So he backed Simba over the edge of pride rock. With his nephew dangling below.

Scar whispered into Simba’s year. I killed move fasa. Anger rushed through symbols body with a mighty roar he climbed over the edge and pin scart to the ground tell them the truth he cried out. Reluctantly scart admitted to the animals of the pride lands that it was he who had killed move faster. Victoria’s Simba ordered scarred to leave the kingdom. But when Simba turned his back Scott attacked him again. With a swipe of his powerful Paul. Simba knocked his uncle over the age where a pack of hungry hyenas was waiting. The scar was never seen in the Savannah again. Finally, Cimber took his rightful place as king. All the animals rejoice that his return and under his rule the pride lands once again flourished. Many months later the animals of the Savannah again made their way to the foot of pride rock. Rufi ky presented the new princess the daughter of king Simba and queen Nala to the cheering crowd below. Simba was so proud. He had finally found his place in the great circle of life.

The Lion King Full Cast & Crew:

Chiwetel Ejiofor in the movie: Scar (voice)
John Oliver in the movie: Zazu (voice)
James Earl Jones in the movie: Mufasa (voice)
John Kani in the movie: Rafiki (voice)
Alfre Woodard in the movie: Sarabi (voice)
JD McCrary in the movie: Young Simba (voice)
Shahadi Wright Joseph in the movie: Young Nala (voice)
Penny Johnson Jerald in the movie: Sarafina (voice)
Keegan-Michael Key in the movie: Kamari (voice)

What Is The Release Date Of The Lion King Movie?

  • The Lion King Full Movie Has Released In 9th July 2019

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