In What Ways Is Technology Transforming the Betting Industry?

How Technology Has Changed the Betting Industry

Technology today has advanced dramatically. As a result, it has impacted various industries, including marketing, banking and finance, and entertainment, among many others. The internet sports betting industry is one such affected.

The way and manner in which technology has impacted internet sports betting cannot be overemphasized. And as the years roll by, the effect of sports betting (financially and otherwise) on the world economies cannot be understated as it has drastically increased funds movement and created jobs. This is primarily exemplified by how betting sites seamlessly offer their services across nations. 

Any individual with access to a network connection can participate in online betting in India. Moreover, with the possibility of significant earnings in online sports betting, anyone and everyone can partake in this activity from the comfort of their own home, owing to these technological advancements. After all, who does not want to earn more money?

A Quick History of Online Sports Betting

While all forms of gambling were declared unlawful by law in India in 1867, internet gambling was largely uncontrolled. The IT Act of 2000, brought into law by the Indian government, made it illegal to establish an online betting service. However, internet bookies have found a way around this by using VPNs to identify their business as ‘offshore,’ which gives them the license to continue operations. Indian users can now put wagers on their favorite games via online betting services, such as the NFL or the NBA.

According to auditing giant KPMG, the online betting and gambling sector has grown rapidly, with turnovers exceeding 4,300 crore rupees (550 million US dollars) in 2018. The overall market for betting and gambling is more than 3 lakh crores (39 trillion dollars), according to FICCI, via encrypted chat rooms and illicit bookies.

Sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of internet gambling. Several worldwide bookmaking sites provide betting platforms in various languages to attract more clients. With more than a million Indians possessing a smartphone and having access to an internet connection, accessing these sites is easier. What began as a minor interest for many has evolved into a profitable source of income, with almost no limits to earnings. Sports betting can yield huge rewards if done properly, methodically, and skillfully.

Here are some ways by which technology is changing the betting industry:

Online casinos

With the introduction of internet casinos, the gambling industry has reached a tipping point thanks to technological advancements. As a result, online betting has become one big money-making enterprise in the digital world.

The entire gambling narrative altered in the 1990s when, thanks to the internet, gamblers began to play online from the comfort of their homes. The automated processes simplified life for both parties (casinos and players). It also aided novice players in becoming acquainted with casino games and sped up the learning process for new games.

Aside from ease, another benefit that online platforms provide is frequent promotions that gamers may take advantage of. Demo versions, free games, and massive bonuses are nearly an industry norm in online casinos. These flexible features have lured many gamers who have never set foot in a regular casino to experience the thrill of casino gaming online.

Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency with decentralized financial systems, meaning no banks control and monitor these funds. Anyone can issue payments to a betting site using bitcoin payments. Because of its popularity and speed of transactions, it enables quick payouts, so many gamers choose it over other payment options. Blockchain technology also enables users to profit from cryptocurrency increasing (and sometimes falling) value. 

Blockchain technology also facilitates cross-border payments. Cross-border betting is one of the accomplishments of internet betting. Without this feature, persons in countries where gambling is illegal will be unable to gamble as they would want to. Anyone with an internet connection may download, create and fund a wallet and bet. This also improved the dependability of the apps. Many platforms can be trusted to facilitate these payments, prompting a rise in the number of fintech companies and startups.

Improved Customer Experience

The consumer experience of the games has enhanced since everyone can obtain books and tips on betting online. Online sports betting services continue to recruit clients by keeping them pleased. Sports betting companies may also send targeted emails on how participants may improve their abilities. Also, some specialists in the betting industry give out advice online. This helps create awareness and establish dos and don’ts for gamers in today’s betting market.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality, sometimes known as VR, is a computer-generated simulation of surroundings. To enjoy this aspect of virtual reality on Parimatch, you can click here.

VR has aided online casinos in improving their users’ experiences while playing their favorite games. It enables players to gain access to the virtual sections of online casinos and begin engaging with dealers and other gamblers. It has improved so much that players with the correct equipment may have an almost identical experience to those found in brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition, virtual reality allows for more realistic game design, higher audio quality, and other benefits.


Many things have changed because of the internet. Technology has altered how these things are accomplished, influencing the betting industry. Through improvements, technology has enhanced the player’s experience. It has also made it possible to experience the thrill without being restricted to a single region.

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