3 of The Greatest Casino Movies of All Time

Many casino movies have turned into classics. The really good casino movies have a timeless appeal with an undeniably dramatic atmosphere. The greatest casino movies of all time are worth watching over and over. Read more about three of them right here.

Gambling and the world of casinos have always been an intriguing theme and setting for some of the most spectacular events, both within entertainment and sports. It’s the perfect scene for a really good movie. This setting has all the drama, glamour, money and power needed for an intense and action-packed film. This is why many of the big casino movies have turned into classics that people enjoy watching over and over. They never truly go out of style.

It’s not only the casino movies that continue to be popular. More and more people enjoy gambling themselves. The possibilities of gambling online have made casino games more popular than ever. Nowadays you don’t have to visit a real casino, you can just pull out your phone and enter the magical world of casinos. The online casinos can give you a feeling of standing on one of the atmospheric casino floors of Las Vegas. Another way to enter this atmosphere is by watching classic casino movies. Here are three of the best ones of all time.

1. Casino (1995)

It’s no question that Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece from 1995 is one of the greatest casino movies of all time. Casino is a real-time classic based on the novel by Nicholas Pileggi. The atmosphere of Las Vegas in the 70s sets the perfect scene for a real gambling drama. Starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, this casino movie is one of the highest-rated movies on IMDB and has received great reviews. If you want to find your next drama movie and read extended reviews before choosing you should check out our drama subpage.

2. Casino Royale (2006)

The combination of 007 and casino is no less than epic. In this movie, by Martin Campbell, we follow James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) in his efforts to defeat the infamous villain Le Chiffre (played by Mads Mikkelsen). Agent 007 is of course the most cunning and glamorous player at the poker table where he tries to keep Le Chiffre from financing his evil plans. This movie has plenty of good qualities including lots of drama, gambling, crime-fighting, and of course lots of 007 vibes. The movie was the first of five movies to feature Daniel Craig as James Bond, ending his Martini drinking career with No Time to Die in 2021.

3. 21 (2008)

A newer classic is the blackjack movie 21. This movie is different from other casino classics because it’s very much filled with comedy. We follow a group of six students and their math professor (played by Kevin Spacey) as they hit the blackjack tables in Las Vegas. The students are taught to count cards and enter a dramatic world of crime and gambling. They quickly start earning millions of dollars and their morals are put on the line. This movie is inspired by a true story which only makes it more thrilling. If you want to watch an entertaining and dramatic casino movie, 21 is a good choice.

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