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The Power Movie Critics Review

The Power Movie

Release Date: 14 Jan 2021

Genres: Action, Thriller

Average Score: 100% Negative

Reviews Counted: 5

Review By Firstpost

Ratings: 1.75/5

Review By: Anna (Critic)

Ultimately, The Power is about the pointlessness of bloodshed, and how one act of violence sets off an unending cycle that is likely to consume everyone in its wake. Others like Ramgopal Varma and Anurag Kashyap have made the same point repeatedly and in far better Hindi films, as did Manjrekar himself in 1999’s Vaastav.

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Review By Times Of India

Ratings: 2.5/5

Review By: Pallabi (Critic)

REVIEW: The Thakurs are a powerful clan in Mumbai – with guns silencing naysayers and backstabbers alike – and police influence and political connections paving the path for their illegal businesses and unjustified killings. The head of the family, Kalidas Thakur, had come to Mumbai from an undisclosed hamlet along with his then mate Rana (Sachin Khedekar) with the sole intent of ruling over the city. Thakur succeeds, Rana’s the second best. And a cold war ensues between the party in power (not literally!) and all those anxiously waiting to dethrone the man.

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Review By Rediff

Ratings: 2.5/5

Review By: Joginder (Critic)

But when the story moves towards the women, be it ex-love (Shruti) and now-lust (Sonal Chauhan), the film gets into a different territory.

Thankfully, there are no songs to prolong the narrative, but still, after a while, the gruesome killings and meandering plot get a bit too much, making you lose interest

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Review By Hindustan Times

Ratings: N/A 

Review By: Samrudhi (Critic)

There are other tonal inconsistencies too. Pari and her father’s inclusion in the Thakurs’ family photo becomes a topic of discussion, despite the fact that her romance and impending marriage with Devi is known to everyone. However, no one objects a second later when movie star Charlie arrives and makes a comment about everyone getting started on the family picture without him. His connection to the Thakurs is never explained.

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The Power Run Time

2h 33m

Release Date Of The Power

The Power Launched On Master January 14, 2021

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