All-Time Best Movies About Winning The Lottery

All-Time Best Movies About Winning The Lottery

Winning lotteries could be life-changing; millions of dollars transferred into your accounts with little to no trouble. Well, that’s the dream of many, lived by only a few. Some say the key to winning the lottery is luck, but the fact is — it’s part luck and part math.

So does the idea of lottery victory intrigues you? And are you looking for this genre in the fields of entertainment? If yes, then keep reading this article rummage around all-time best movies featuring the concept of lottery wins. 

Do these films reveal the key to winning the lottery? 

The movie that circumvents the idea of lottery and the money it brings usually does not involve the prior details. The basic message of these films remain light entertainment and thrill, so they might not really get into details. 

All they want to showcase to you is how instant money and power can mess up your minds, while some movies indicate hard work pays, some revolve around serendipity, etc. 

The thing is that these films try to spice up the screen time to draw in audience attention. However, they do add sentiments to the lottery victories, the kind of emotions that surpass monetary values. Hence, if you are searching for light-hearted drama wrapped around the concepts of lottery wins, here’s the list: 

Welcome To Me (2015) 

Welcome To Me was a 2015 drama movie that starred Kristen Wig. 

  • This movie revolves around a young girl named Alice Klieg, a seemingly beautiful girl. 
  • However, she suffers from a detrimental condition of Borderline Personality Disorder. 
  • This movie basically wanted to highlight the fact of how too much power and wrongful ambitions can drive people to the roads of insanity. 
  • Alice Klieg happens to land a lottery of 86 million dollars instead of using it to soothe her mental condition. 
  • She chooses to sideline it and ends up investing everything she has on a talk show. 
  • Her talk show was a poor imitation of Oprah’s, but needless to say, this character lacks the engagement prowess that Oprah’s been wonderfully blessed with. 
  • This movie sums up her misfortunes after she lands a fortune through a series of comic backlashes. 
  • The movie held several messages and inspirations to hold onto. 
  • Moreover, the movie showcases character depth to a whole new level. 

It Could Happen To You (1994) 

It Could Happen To You is a 1994 biopic that stars Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda as the lead. 

  • The movie is based on a real-life incident where two people formed a syndicate to win the lottery. 
  • An NYPD officer and a charming young  New York waitress join forces against their odds to score a victory at the lottery prize. 
  • The entire film runs around with their comical tactics, romantic face-offs, and a strategic lottery winning action. 
  • The pair indeed ends up winning the lottery and distributing their shares. 
  • However, the film was fabricated more into the entertainment verses, and thereby the syndicate pair shares a chemistry. 
  • But in real life, no such romance sparked between the two; they were just partners. 
  • And to this day, the pair remain friends with each other. 
  • The movie took the premise of their adventures and fictionalized it for the movie audience. 

If I Had A Million (1932)

If I Had A Million is not just another lottery drama; it is more of a lottery-based action. This 1932 classic flick revolves around eight strangers and how they are bequeathed with millions of dollars from an industry tycoon. 

  • The premise of the movie involves a rich business tycoon shortlisting people out of a phone book. 
  • He randomly selects eight strangers and bequeaths 1 million dollars to each one of them. 
  • However, this may seem like a crazy altruistic move; it involves more than that. 
  • This business tycoon is safeguarding his riches from the evils of his avarice-ridden family. 
  • So he ends up distributing it to a bunch of strangers he doesn’t know. 
  • The lucky one million receiving pack involves an old lady, a circus entertainer, a marine officer, and a desk job clerk. 
  • This movie may not involve the actual lottery setup, yet the money they received seems like an overnight lottery. 
  • And how each of them decides to spend it takes the viewers to another drama and action journey. 


Most of the flicks whose plot lines laid on the foundation of lottery usually meant to deliver one message, and that is:

  • There’s more to life than money
  • Or not every problem requires money. 
  • Or too much money can drive you crazy. 
  • Some movies are meant to indicate luck and how it affects different lives or the key to winning the lottery etc. 

All in all, each movie involved a sentiment that was: a single lottery ticket holds millions of dreams.

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