Tenet Full Movie Review


Release Date: August 26, 2020

Genres: Action, Crime

Average Score: 60% Positive

Reviews Counted: 5

Review By India Today

Ratings: 3/5

Review By: Narika (Critic)

There were several gapping loopholes too, that is heartbreaking if not criminal in a Nolan movie. For instance, it was established that a person travelling back in time needs a personal oxygen supply. Yet in one crucial scene, Debicki’s Kat goes about stuff without one.

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Review By Times Of India

Ratings: 4/5

Review By: Ronak (Critic)

Everyone is quite aptly cast including Dimple Kapadia, who lends a certain gravitas to her enigmatic character of a powerful Indian woman. She would much rather offer her husband’s assassin a drink and pacify him than panic at the sudden break-in. Her role is not only crucial but also quite fascinating in the way she deals with the Protagonist.

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Review By Firstpost

Ratings: 2.5/5

Review By: Andrew (Critic)

Warner Bros clearly adores and respects Nolan; he has delivered them a string of hits popular with audiences, critics, and awards bodies alike. Tenet represents a dangerous gambit in the age of COVID-19 : a blockbuster so must-see the studio hopes audiences will risk infection and death just to catch a glimpse of its brilliance. But in the end, Tenet is just a movie, as it was always going to be. Nolan’s success has finally caught up with him, his self-important arrogance as a writer fully getting in the way of his taste and skill as a director.

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Review By Hindustan Times

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Rohan (Critic)

Of the two August Wilson adaptations that Denzel Washington has been associated with (he’s a producer on this one), Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is the better film. Unlike Fences, which Washington directed and starred in, it’s more cinematic, and less stagey. It’s one of the year’s best films, and a stirring send-off for one of his generation’s most talented actors.

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Review By Indian Express

Ratings: 2/5

Review By: Shalini (Critic)

For the forgotten parts of the world like us, the comforting thought is that in some parallel universe of Nolan’s hyperactive imagination, Mumbai holds an arms dealer clothed in Pashmina and pearls, with the tanned sophistication and tousled tresses of Dimple Kapadia, whose husband is just a harmless front, who perhaps (can only say perhaps) understands the irony of talking Oppenheimer in Oslo, who might (can only say might) be as interested (can only hazard a guess) in saving the world, and who has the gorgeous Pattinson on speed dial.

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Tenet Run Time

2h 35m

Release Date Of Tenet

Tenet Launched On August 26, 2020

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